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Welcome to Little Pearls Kids Dentistry

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 2.47.46 PMWelcome to Little Pearls Kids Dentistry, the offices of Dr. Caroline Shaw, leading pediatric dental practices in the beautiful Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle and in the heart of Federal Way, Washington.

Our goal is to provide a nurturing, fun, child-centered environment where children and parents will find comfort and confidence each time they visit our office. We believe in having the patience to understand each child’s specific needs, concerns, and anxieties.

Exceptional oral health is vital for a child’s development and we’re committed to helping you every step of the way. Our practice strives to make this new journey for your child a fun and rewarding experience.

At Little Pearls Kids Dentistry we strive to give each child the opportunity to learn and grow with us, providing the necessary knowledge and treatment they need to maintain a healthy smile for years to come. We welcome children with special health care needs to our practice as well.

Your child's path to a beautiful and healthy smile starts right here at Little Pearls Kids Dentistry!  Together, we can help your child attain a healthy smile for a lifetime!